[ SELLING ] Double Blaze Spawner SMP8

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  1. Hello everyone gabe627 here today I would be selling a double blaze spawner on smp8.I am looking for offers so feel free and post below.The spawners are 5 blocks high from each other and I heard from people they are very effienct.That is it so if you are interested post a offer below
  2. only if i didnt have one of these myself...
  3. wait is it a trap?
  4. Any other offers?
  5. Yea I might be interested, let me see how this another auction going to turn out, pm me and we can talk about prices :)
  6. How far in nether is it?
  7. like 1500 blocks
  8. From spawn?
  9. Also, Screenshots please.
  10. i want it.
    Can it be made intoa dual blaze grinder?
  11. ill pay 15k if u make it into a grinder
    EDIT: if its 1500 blocks from SPAWN then no
  12. SOLD TO Dwight5273 like 2 days ago sorry forgot lol :p he bought it for 13k so mods please lock this thread
  13. rawr dwight.... I wanted it and i wuz gonna offer 15k. But good job. I hope you get some major grinding done. :)
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  14. You know it haha also when build hot air ballon up at LLO, there needs to be a pig flying
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  15. i would have gone way higher than 15k ;) oh well
  16. I can fly! ( in creative mode )
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