[Selling] Double Blaze Grinder with Extras [closed]

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  1. Hello All
    Today I'm selling a DOUBLE BLAZE GRINDER.
    They both activate at the same time in the AFK BOX.
    They are both Ethos design but with 2 separate kill points.
    Level 30 in around 5mins.
    Get double chest of blaze rods extremely quick.
    Also A melon farm so u don't die
    There is an enchanting room
    Storage Area with enderchest
    An Epic Brewery to make potions with your mob drops :D
    TIP: GO to another server to enchant.
    Server Smp1
    There is a path in the nether to go directly there without the hassle of killing ghast.
    Take about 10 minutes to go there via the direct path.


    There is an epic area were withers skeletons / skeletons, pigman, blazes, spawn in a trapped area for an easy kill. this is an epic affective way to keep tons and tons of skulls to create a wither and to get super rich, and also get tons of coal for wither skeletons
    Also u can get tons of gold by killing the trapped pigman
    Extra blaze rods from trapped blazes.
    To make the trap affective go 50 blocks away from the area then come back to see tons of withers skeletons and other mobs.

    There is also an epic magma slime chunk! Every time you go there will be all of theses magma slimes, its epic.

    Also a large nether base to collect tons of nether brick
    Some other people may use it
    Ask Any questions below to keep the thread alive
    However if u want to buy this then pm me and we will discuss price.

    Here are some screenshots of the grinder/base

    2012-11-04_09.22.33.png 2012-11-04_09.28.59.png 2012-11-04_09.30.12.png 2012-11-04_09.30.24.png 2012-11-04_09.30.29.png 2012-11-04_09.30.44.png 2012-11-04_09.30.53.png 2012-11-04_09.31.28.png 2012-11-04_09.31.49.png 2012-11-04_09.32.04.png 2012-11-04_09.32.12.png 2012-11-04_09.32.45.png 2012-11-04_09.35.25.png 2012-11-04_09.34.36.png 2012-11-04_09.36.08.png 2012-11-04_09.36.47.png 2012-11-04_09.49.10.png 2012-11-04_09.28.26.png 2012-11-04_09.27.58.png 2012-11-04_09.27.47.png

    Dam i will upload the res of the photos in the comments :D

  2. You shouldnt sell a spawner that other people use.

    & use the spoiler for the pictures
  3. 2012-11-04_09.25.51.png 2012-11-04_09.25.47.png 2012-11-04_09.22.51.png 2012-11-04_09.20.46.png

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  4. Nice, What an epic facility! If I had more than 10k rupees (which I don't) I would put in an offer but I know this thing is worth so much more than I can afford for it... Well anyways great base thingo and I hope that someone makes good use of it :D
  5. :(
  6. As long as he clearly specifies that he is only selling the coords not all the rights he is allowed to sell the location of a grinder that other people use as long as he also clearly states that other people have access to and use it.
  7. Locking for just a minute to clean up the Post for you :)

    Than will unlock it
  8. How much are you looking for these two grinder?
  9. PLEASE put those pictures in a spoiler!
  10. Thats what i said
  11. PM me and coffee_bullet for price discussion please.
  12. oops i couldn't see anything with all the pictures :rolleyes:
  13. willing to take u there to the grinder for around 60k ish
  14. How much for it?
  15. pm me :D
  16. I'll buy it for 100k.
  17. 333kirby sold a double blaze for 150k, and this has extras.
  18. Level 30 in 5 mins? Sure about that?
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