[Selling] Donator Vouchers for lucky bows

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  1. Today I decided to sell 2 of my donator vouchers:

    1 Iron Voucher
    1 Diamond Voucher

    You can come to smp3 and go to 6811 and check them out. Message me in-game or on the forum with your offers.
  2. Iron Voucher plz
  3. I offer 3 lucky bows, 2 cupid bows, an emc firework and a fire promo max head.

    Edit:For Diamond Voucher
  4. 1 Lucky Bow + 15k
  5. WHAT! Thats worth like 100k! Iron Vouchers are only worth 30-40k
  6. 1 Lucky Bow + 20k

    I got this price from Todd_Vinton
  7. I meant diamond voucher trade... sorry will edit the post
  8. oh ok, This is still my iron Price : 1 Lucky Bow + 20k OR 1 Lucky Bow + Cupid Bow + 2k, OR 2 Lucky Bows
  9. Ehm... The title says trading vouchers for lucky bows? Or can we use other bows too?
  10. Will give 2 lucky bows and 5k for iron.
  11. Iron sold Diamond left
  12. I take it we have no deal... What if I add a turkey slicer?

  13. thats like hmm lets see
    3 lucky bows - 40-45k
    2 cupid bows - 15-23k
    emc firework - 10-12k
    fire promo max head - I have seen - 5-15k
    + Turkey Slicer - 9-14k

    Diamond Voucher is worth 140-160k
  14. You arent accounting for the fact that other than the emc firework, these items are pretty new. They could go up in value. And I have seen the turkey slicer being sold for 20-25k. Its an investment, but thats his choice on if he wants to do it, not yours.
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  15. Well Sorry :(

    R We Still Friends :D
  16. How many Lucky Bows are you looking at getting for the Diamond Supporter Gift?
  17. I would think he would say like 7 or 8
  18. Yeah we are cool.