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  1. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the Empire Minecraft Community (Been here for 5 days so far) but I've been a strong part of other economy Minecraft server communities in the past. I've got a shop on my residence and I just wanted to make a post on the forums as a little advertisement for it if you will.


    Updated 08/19/2014


    Obsidian (Buy): 10r per 1 block
    Obsidian (Sell): 5r per 1 block
    Redstone: 1r per 1 redstone dust
    Netherrack: 1r per 20 blocks
    Seeds: 1r per 20 seeds
    Bread: 1r per 1 bread
    Sugar Cane: 1r per 5 sugar cane
    Books (Buy): 8r per 1 book
    Books (Sell): 3r per 1 book
    Glass: 1r per 2 blocks
    Gunpowder: 20r per 5 gunpowder
    Slime Balls (Buy): 6r per 1 slime ball
    Slime Balls (Sell): 2r per 1 slime ball
    Level 30 Enchanted Iron Pickaxes: 50r per 1 pickaxe
    Arrows: 2r per 1 arrow
    Shiny Arrows: 5r per 1 arrow
    Zombie Virus: 25r per 1 bottle
    Birch Leaves: 2r per 1 block
    Spider Eyes: 5r per 1 spider eye
    Unbreaking III Power III Enchanted Bow: 50r per 1 bow
    Diamonds (Buy): 70r per 1 diamond
    Diamonds (Sell): 40r per 1 diamond
    Gold Ingot: 5r per 1 gold ingot
    Melon: 1r per 1 melon
    Dirt: 1r per 10 blocks
    Bones: 2r per 1 bone
    Pistons (Buy): 35r per 1 piston
    Pistons (Sell): 15r per 1 piston
    Unbreaking II Lure I Enchanted Fishing Rod: 30r per 1 fishing rod
    Emeralds (Buy): 14r per 1 emerald
    Emeralds (Sell): 9r per 1 emerald
    Rotten Flesh: 5r per 32 rotten flesh
    Shiny Flesh: 2r per 1 shiny flesh
    Vines: 1r per 1 vine
    Gold Sword (Buy): 20r per 1 gold sword
    Gold Sword (Sell): 5r per 1 gold sword
    Nether Quartz: 5r per 1 nether quartz
    Skeleton Skulls (Buy): 100r per 1 skeleton skull
    Skeleton Skulls (Sell): 40r per 1 skeleton skull
    Zombie Head (Buy): 100r per 1 zombie head
    Zombie Head (Sell): 40r per 1 zombie head
    Spider Head (Buy): 100r per 1 spider head
    Spider Head (Sell): 40r per 1 spider head
    Creeper Head (Buy): 100r per 1 creeper head
    Creeper Head (Sell): 40r per 1 creeper head
    Eye Of Ender: 100r per 1 eye of ender
    Cobblestone: 1r per 1o blocks
    Nether Warts: 3r per 1 nether wart

    The shop is updated daily with more stock and items are added all the time!


    (These items/services must be bought directly from me while I am online)

    Starter Kits:
    New to the server or know someone who is? A starter kit from the DMSHOP makes a great gift! The starter kit is designed to be used with the items that each player is given upon completing the tutorial when they first join the server to help get the ball rolling a little bit faster. Starter kits are 10r each and each starter kit contains:
    1 Crafting Table
    1 Furnace
    5 Seeds
    5 Coal
    5 Oak Saplings
    1 Wooden Hoe
    (Starter kits can only be purchased while I am online via the /pay playername command.)

    Obsidian Service (NO LONGER AVAILABLE):
    Need a larger amount of obsidian? Contact me and I'll give you a quote based on the amount of obsidian needed and the time frame in which you need it. Note: larger amounts in shorter time frames will increase the price as I do have other things going on in my life.

    C418 - Cat Music Disk (Only 1 In Stock): 125r


    The DMSHOP contains many features to make it more player friendly such as:

    "Take Something Leave Something" chest: One man's trash is another's treasure!

    Donation hopper: Donate to the shop and get your name on the "Wall of Donators".

    Wall of Donators: A wall placed in the shop containing all of the players that have donated. In order to make sure you get your name on the wall of donators, please send me a message when you've donated an item!

    Furnaces and Crafting tables: 9 furnaces and 3 crafting tables available to all players.

    Color Coded Signs: Color coded signs make it easier to identify special or out of stock items.

    Announcements Board: A board displaying changes and additions to the shop.

    First Time Buyer Bonus: First time buyers at the DMSHOP get 10 rupees back on their first purchase! Purchase anything from the DMSHOP for the first time while I am online and I will personally send you 10 rupees! If the item(s) you buy is less than 10 rupees then enjoy the extra rupees for free! The first time buyer bonus is only available to each player once and only while I am online.


    Special Thanks To These Donators!:
    /v +dmshop


    /v DevanMistMusic

    ON SMP8

    All feedback is appreciated!
  2. Wow, you're one of the very few new players that actually price their items well!
    I hope you'll get lots of customers man, it looks good so far!
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  3. Thanks! like I said, I've played on a few other economy servers before and whenever there is a good community attached to the server I always like to get involved as much as possible. Most of my prices are just 1/2 or 1/4 the server shop price, some other items are priced competitively with other player shops.
  4. Welcome! Need bulk obsidian. Can u supply me?
  5. Depends on the amount and time frame, message me in game.
  6. Think i start with 5 stacks. No rush. I'll visit you later ok.
  7. Only 5 days? Very impressive I will come visit soon enough I'm just starting to build my giant mansion!!
  8. I play for hours on end each day :p I'd love to check out your mansion :)
  9. Thank you for special thanks, but what exactly did i do?