[selling] Dirt Cheap Diamond Armor and Tools!

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  1. At my 4th res (8064) I am selling lots of diamond armor and diamond tools for HALF the price of 2000! I will be restocking daily! Come get some while it lasts :D

    *Disclaimer* Their will not be any dirt sold, just Diamond armor and tools

    Here is a price list:

    Diamond Helmet: 162
    Diamond Chestplate: 260
    Diamond Pants: 227
    Diamond Boots: 130
    Diamond Sword: 65
    Diamond Pickaxe: 97
    Diamond Shovel: 32
    Diamond Axe: 97
    Emerald: 15
    Emerald Block: 135
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  2. Bump, Just restocked!
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  3. Exactly how much? My diamond helmet villager just brokeā€¦
  4. Bump Restocked ! Most chests now have about 9 in stock!
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  6. Restock please :)
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  7. k :)
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  8. Nothing is in stock...:p
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  9. fendy... why.... >.>
  10. I did nothing, it was gone before I got there Stewie :eek:
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  11. Oh :p
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  12. yes when i restock, it is out in about 10 minuits normally, ill restock again xD
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