[Selling] Different Kinds of Potions

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  1. Hi there, It's AmusedStew here introducing my new business on selling potions.
    I will be selling the following types of potions :D:
    • Fire Resistance (8:00)
    • Healing II (Instant)
    • Healing II Splash (Instant)
    • Swiftness (8:00)
    • Swiftness II (1:30)
    • Regeneration (2:00)
    • Regeneration II (0:22)
    Prices: (prices are subject to change at any time, and they are negotiable)
    Fire Resistance: 700r per DC
    Healing II: 800r per DC
    Healing II Splash: 1000r per DC
    Swiftness: 200r per DC
    Swiftness II: 700r per DC
    Regeneration: 1000r per DC
    Regeneration II: 1100r per DC

    I will accept 5 orders at a time, no more than 10DC per order please. If you need more than 10DC PM me and i'll see what I can do.

    Pm me to order!!!!
  2. Special Deal:
    Buy a DC get the 2nd half off!
    *Offer expires May 5, 2013 at midnight EST*
  3. Remember the deal ends tonight at midnight!
    If any prices are too high also please PM me about that.

  4. 3 hours until the special deal is over!
  5. I have decided to bump this seeing as I am bored of Minecraft atm and have nothing else to do.

    Each potion DC has been dropped 200r from its original price.