[Selling] Different Colored Stained Glass

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to sell something! So, I've got a lot of stained glass! So, I wanna sell it! Down below are the colors and how much of each. Hope you like a color! :3

    Normal Glass: 3
    Purple: 9
    Green: 33
    Light Blue: 34
    Dark Blue: 32
    Red Glass: 19+64+64

    How to get the glass?
    Well, just send me a PM! Tell me what color you want! These are the prices of each:

    Normal Glass: 10r
    Purple: 100r
    Green: 150r
    Light Blue: 200r
    Dark Blue: 190r
    Red: 2k

    Wait... if you wanna buy all of the colors.. here's the price!

    All colors price: 2640r (I combined all the numbers together of all the costs).
    All colors cost: 110r (Combined all prices).

    Here's the link to PM me if you're interested: HelloKittyRo - PM

    Well guys, I hope you like it! I'll edit this thread if I have any more glass to sell, or tell you in the PM :) have a nice day!


    Edit: NOTICE: All the colors except purple have been bought.
  2. Would probably be better to have 1 thread for selling stuff. Easier to keep track and less clutter.
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  3. sure.
  4. :rolleyes: But you're not going to are you....
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