Selling diamonds

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  1. I'm selling diamonds as many as you want here are the prices
    1 diamonds = 20r
    1 diamondblock = 120r
    [note it might take a day or two] the max of diamonds per player is 5 stacks. And for diamonds blocks it is 3 stacks. please pm (private message) me if you are interested i will be updating this every time i have a order. i can only do one order at a time. [note diamonds blocks might take longer]. this is how the order form goes. [I will send you a price and you have to agree to it or not]

    Res Number:

    How Many Diamonds:
    [You don't need both diamonds and or diamondblocks]
    How Many Diamond Blocks:
  2. I wish to buy 3 stacks of blocks.
  3. u need to pm me witha order
  4. I sent you PM. im interested in buying.