[Selling] Diamonds

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  1. Diamond!
    Everyone needs diamonds! Using my large-scale mine, I can produce about 9 stacks/week.

    Place Your Order!
    Copy this into a new post.
    [FONT=helvetica][B]Name:[/B] (Your minecraft username.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=helvetica][B]Quantity:[/B] (How many diamonds you want. Maximum per order: 576)[/FONT]
    [FONT=helvetica][B]Price:[/B] (How much you will pay in rupees per diamond. Minimum: 50r.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=helvetica][B]Subtotal:[/B] (Multiply quantity by price.)[/FONT]
    [FONT=helvetica][B]Delivery:[/B] (Choose (1) pickup for free, (2) delivery to res on SMP1 for 30r, or (3) delivery to a res on another SMP for 50r. Orders over 5 stacks have free delivery!)[/FONT]
    [FONT=helvetica][B]Total:[/B] (Add subtotal and delivery.)[/FONT]
    Name: Azoundria
    Quantity: 576
    Price: 81r
    Subtotal: 46656r
    Delivery: Deliver to /v 2345 (Free)
    Total: 46656r

    Produced diamonds are put towards the highest priced, oldest order. You do not have to pay until your order is ready. Maximum quantity per order is 576, however there is no limit to the number of orders you can place.

    Current orders:

    RainbowChin (576)

    Todd_Vinton (Shop)
    MatthewDA (Shop, The Hoard @ 18721)

    Fallsteel (64)
  2. Hi I live at smp4-8037 and I am making a massive building! I was hoping that I could order 2 stacks of diamond blocks for 300r if possible thanks if not message me! I would like home delivery!
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  3. 300r for 2 stacks of diamond blocks? :p

    If I'm to understand correctly you are asking for 1,152 diamonds and willing to pay 300r, a price of less than 1r each. :p
  4. This doesn't seem like a very good way to go about this. If you are wanting to host an auction, it would be best to do so in the appropriate section.
  5. I can't unless I want to auction an entire double chest of diamonds...
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  6. You should also provide a set price.
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  7. I am taking orders. If you want diamonds right away, the price is 80r.

    If you want them soon, place your order at 74r. I have a shop willing to pay 74r each right now.

    You can place an order below 74r and it will get processed once that shop is full. Diamond prices could easily fall back down again, so placing an order at 69r or 59r will eventually get filled after all the higher orders.

    If I set a price, I lose customers who may think it's too high, and miss out on revenue from any customer who would pay more.

    I would not recommend a large order because it will take a long time to get that many diamonds. (It takes about a week/stack of blocks.) You can instead make many small orders at once.

    If you want to place an order, use the format I specified above in your post.
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  8. That's called price discrimination and that only works if the groups you are selling to don't know/care that another group is getting the same item for a lower price. Anyhow, I'll go ahead and place an order.

    Name: Fallsteel
    Quantity: 64
    Price: 1r
    Subtotal: 64r
    Delivery: pickup for free
    Total: 64r
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  9. Alright I added your order. We'll see if the model works or not.
  10. Name: MatthewDA (Shop, The Hoard @ 18721)
    Quantity: 576
    Price: 74r
    Delivery: 18721
    Total: 42,624r
    Note: Please drop at sell chest for payment and notify me via pm when complete
  11. How much for a stock of Dimond blocks
  12. This is a cool idea. I may order later on,.
  13. You set the price. Right now I have lots of orders for 74r each, and one at 79r. You could do 80r/diamond (46,080 total) for immediate processing or 75r/diamond (43,200r total) if you don't mind waiting a bit longer.
  14. Name: fishmeal
    Quantity: 64
    Price: 1/64r
    Subtotal: 1r
    Delivery: pickup for free
    Total: 1r
  15. Ignoring the fact that I set a minimum price in the thread of 50r now, you suck at math.

    I'm just going to close this, due to the fact that no one is taking it seriously and I know I can get 74r/diamond reliably from numerous places and nobody has offered any more than that.
  16. It is kind of a scheme you're running (canceling). I see the principle, and it's a gray area, but it is a very un-beneficial system for your customer but is centered on: guaranteeing you paid work at all times and guaranteeing you the highest possible price. I assume you weren't taking payment in advance to make it worse too, but it has the unfortunate consequence of potentially leaving the majority of your customers ignored for extended periods of time, while having committed themselves to purchasing from you.
    You are trying to do it without opening a store or posting an auction. I'm not sure if EMC has rules against this system, but it certainly adds confusion to the buying process that just doesn't need to be there. So no, I did not take it seriously. Sorry for missing your minimum price, though.

    What I think you could do to accomplish a similar goal less creatively is to go ahead and mine the diamonds today and post them in an auction tomorrow.

    You can also set up a stack of boxes and hoppers at your in-game shop so that the bottom box has a shop sign for 80r, the next for 75, and so on. That way if no one is buying the 80r diamonds the 75 will become available automatically. You could obviously do the same manually.

    Edit: Also in such small quantities, I can reliably get diamonds for 50-60 rupees by spamming /v +shop a few times.