Selling diamonds

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  1. Selling diamonds at 8436 in smp4
    The diamond price is 40r per each diamond (please tell me if this is average, expansive, or too cheap)
    This will happen only 24 hours (starting now)
    Also will your there please check my project (still in progress)
    It is a temple name the "temple of awesomeness"
  2. Sell to me res 16803, SMp8... Price is@38r

    I buy bulk!
  3. Please someone buy!!! from mee
  4. I have a chest @ my res! 38r per diamond.
  5. I sell diamonds for 34 r each... Beat it
  6. WOW can u sell to me?? Please I buy for 38r at my res!
  7. Haha I used to have tonnes of diamonds and used to put 1 stack in at a time, sometimes more but now i have barely any left. Illtell u if I have any more. Also my friend AJJking10 sells 2 diamonds for 39 r, but both of us don't stock regularly (too many people ;))
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