[Selling] Diamonds, Iron Armor & Tools - Delivered To Your Res

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  1. Hi EMC,

    I will be selling the following!

    Full set of Diamond Armor costs 1,425r Delivery is FREE

    A set of Diamond Tools (Pick, Axe, Shovel, Sword) costs 500r Delivery is 20r

    Buy both for 1,900r Delivery is FREE

    Full set of Iron Armor costs 200r Delivery is 20r

    A set of Iron Tools (Pick, Axe, Shovel, Sword) costs 65r Delivery is 20r

    Buy both for 260r Delivery is 20r

    Full set of Farming Equipments (Iron Hoe, 20 torches, 20 seeds, 20 melon seeds, 20 pumpkin seeds, a stack of dirt) costs 30r Delivery is 20r

    Kits (More coming)
    -Archer (A bow, a stack of arrows) costs 30rDelivery is 20r

    Delivery is 100% free if you spend more than 1,000r. Delivery for under 1,000r costs 20r

    Pick Up is Free At 4090

    Order Form - PLEASE fill in and post below
    User Name:
    Res No:
    Which Set/ Kit:
    Total Costs:

    Delivery Notice :
    Owner MUST pay FIRST & Set Up a Chest At YOUR res !
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  2. Noone? Maybe a like for the design? :p
  3. 2 views ! Im not doing bad :)
  4. I liked it :) There are some good deals there :D But i wish diamond armour in general wasnt expensive :)
  5. The price has been adjust!:) Are you buying anything?
  6. Maybe :)
  7. Taking orders now! Any one buying!
    Special offer get the archer kit for free if you buy any diamond kit! Offer ends in 24 hours!
  8. Does the full armour include tools? Cause mine do!
  9. No, but mine is pure diamond!
  10. So is mine! Entire kit with tools for ..yeah dont worry I wont hi jack