[Selling] Diamonds, Ingots Redstone & blocks (SMP1-954)

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  1. Selling the following:

    Diamonds - 52r Each
    Redstone Dust Bulk Buy 1728 for 5,000r
    Redstone dust 8 for 24r
    Iron Ingot 5r each
    Gold Ingot 22r each
    Coal 16 for 37r
    Glass 8 for 12r
    Smooth Stone 16 for 15r
    Stone bricks 64 for 64r
    Sand Stone 8 for 20r
    Bricks (red) 8 for 41r
    Ice 4 for 18r

    And much more... All the above are currently in stock, I'm also looking for suppliers for all the items in my shop.

    Thanks :)
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  2. Happy to say that I'd sold out of a few things on the list above, good amounts of everything back in stock now though :)

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