[Selling] Diamonds for 45r

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by NetherSpecter, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Sometime tomorrow for Black Friday, I am setting a sell sign that sells a stack of diamonds at 45r each almost 20% off the average price (55r).

    So come on down to 18646 on SMP9 and walk straight to buy up to a stack of diamonds, dont miss it, on Black Friday. Happy Black Friday! I'll post when I set up the sign.
  2. verrry misleading title. just sayin :p
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  3. What time will sign be set up?
  4. Really? that seems to cheap.. Are diamonds that cheap? I'll have to shop around.
  5. He means that there is a stack of diamonds for sale, and he is selling each individual diamond for 45r, not the whole stack. 1 diamond is on average 50-55r, depending on the server.
  6. Sign is set up on 18646 smp9 get em while they are there!
  7. That was fast lol