[SELLING] Diamonds for 40r!!!!

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  1. Selling diamonds at 40r each at smp9 18144!
    I have nearly a chestful of it!!
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  2. I have checked his transactions and he has bought thousands of diamonds in the last 12 hours.
  3. Davie, Could those diamonds be duped?
  4. Val, If you suspect your diamonds are duped, please do the right thing and have an admin take them out of the ecconomy, im sure they will re-emburse you rupees for them.
  5. They could be but currently I know of no way to dupe diamonds. If anyone know how to will they let staff know.

    Also I am quite sure SuperVal_Junior has no connection, other than buying from them, to the player he bought from.
  6. There is a major dupe glitch going around, I don't know how it's done, Nor do I want to know, But many big shops are filled to capacity with diamonds.
  7. Honestly, I didnt know about the glitch until I bought the diamonds from him. And found out only after I posted this at oleyy's post
  8. I know of a way to duplicate any item, ill PM you the link. I have already showed ICC this link.
  9. I'm sooooo glad i'm not involved with the dupe glitch......
  10. I know a way to duplicate items with portals and crafting tables too; I don't know if it works on EMC but I tried it in SinglePlayer and it worked.
  11. oh the one where you.... i better not say that out loud...
  12. ?
  13. the dupe glitch i did it on single player too, it works for 1.2 right? I saw some dude on youtube do it. But im not a duper, thats just wrong.
  14. That glitch caused a few players to be banned earlier in the year. As far as I know, Justin fixed it (only EMC of course).
  15. Oh
  16. SuperVal_junior has removed his diamonds from sale so I am closing this thread.
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