[Selling] Diamond Voucher

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    I'll selling a Diamond Voucher, 600k!

    Reply here or send me a PM if interested :D!

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  2. ba-dump-a-bump
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  3. bumpie
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  4. Dis price is wayy too high tho
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  5. I've seen multiple going for higher. But you can offer another price :p
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  6. nah i'm good trying to hit the 1 mil rupee :p
  7. bumperzzz.. You may also offer another price :D
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  8. no other bids?
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  9. dang really? highest ive seen and been able to sell at was 300k XD that is crazy
  10. When I bought mine I saw 3 threads comming by for 600k xD
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  11. I know this is really low but if you really need to sell it I'll buy for 280k ;)
  12. Its very not stable item. What I mean by this is due to EMC chaining supporter perks and prices some want to raise the price of the voucher while others want to lower due to these changes.
  13. I believe he is correct to keep a "high" price on this item. People who want supporter and just can't pay real money would love to pay this amount for the item. I do believe it'll take a while for the person to come trotting along but I think he can sell for a price around 600k, maybe 500k.
  14. Diamond bump?
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