[Selling] Diamond Voucher!

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  1. Heyaa,

    Today I'm selling a Diamond Voucher.

    If you want the voucher PM me on the EMC site.
    (Send me a offer)

  2. after this new thing with emc u ca't use these. but i will pay 20k just to show off.
  3. its not just emc just putting that out there ;p. the EULA applies to all servers out there. and i believe u can still use them they will just apply to the new rank that will replace but i may be wrong
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  4. well i have promos to trade and the most i will pay is 40k. running low on rupees
  5. You could make a PM and offer what you got for the voucher.
  6. I don't know a perfect target of prices but I'm positive these are worth over 200k.
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  7. They tend to go for 250k at the moment, I believe. :)
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  8. No there are more like 390k -- 420k.......
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  9. I'll trade my saltar and intaticus horses for it
  10. Both are spawned tho
  11. They come with saddles
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  12. ooo I want em c:
  13. These will transform into the "cosmetics and supporter" rank come August 1st.