[SELLING] diamond voters tools

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  1. So i'm in need of rupees :)
    and i have these top quality items i don't use
    so if you want any of these items
    plz pm me with your offer ;)

    Mr_Chest's Voters Sword
    Mr_Chest's Voters Pickaxe
    Mr_Chest's Voters Shovel
    Mr_Chest's Voters Axe
    Mr_Chest's Voters Hoe
    all items are diamond tools

    i'll also have a voters fishing rod for sale in some days
    if you really want, you can already offer on it :)
  2. im guessing these are going high so I wish I could offer but ive only got 5k sorry
  3. indeed to low sorry
  4. How much?
    Edit: didnt see offer :)
  5. axe/sword sold :)
  6. what offer how much are they?
  7. i said you have to offer for these items
    so there is no set price
    only a price range in my head ;)
    if someone offers in this price range its theirs
  8. Just so everyone is aware: I offered 325k. If you are looking for his price range, its above that :p
  9. Enchantments on pick axe?
  10. i sold the axe and sword for 225 total, so what you offered was a bit underpriced i think
    but if they didn't sell you would have got them ;)

    efficiency 1 fortune 3 unbreakable
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  11. if not sold in some days these will be auctioned :)