[SELLING] Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. Price: 650,000r

    I'm selling a diamond voucher at 18838 on smp9, contact me if you are interested and I will mail the voucher straight to you.
  2. whooo

    Thats a bit expensive. I would do it for 150k rupees if you are okay with that...

    People have been selling them at 125k for ages but I understand that the price has gone up so I am going to pay more than I would have before for it. It is just an offer.
  3. Dang. 650k, that's steep
  4. Isn't that a little to cheep :eek: but yeah 650k is a lot
  5. 650k is a good price for a diamond supporter voucher, I sold a few for that price.
  6. True, but considering these are paid for with real money, yeah, they're gonna be a bit expensive. I'm not against haggling however, and if you are interested, simply find me on smp9 and we'll see if we can do business.
  7. If you're open to bargaining, I have a Mex Res Voucher up for trade. They're not 1:1 though.
  8. Sorry, I'm looking for rupees, not a trade, thanks anyway though.