[Selling] Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. Hey EMC!

    Today for my 1000th EMC post I will be auctioning off my Diamond Supporter Voucher! Redeem to Maxarias or IceCreamCow for a FREE month of diamond supportership

  2. Just a tip, you should probs lower the starting price otherwise you may as well sell it seeing as how 170k is the highest of what they go for.
  3. They have green text now? That looks different than I remember.
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  4. Sorry Price remains at 170k
  5. Bump, 1 in stock!
  6. Is it an auction
    Or are you selling
  7. I'll buy it!
  8. I am selling it, vMcjewel it's sold to you for 170k

    Edit: Unless I a higher offer
  9. vMcjewel so first in first served I'm on Smp4
  10. Sold! For 180k