{Selling}Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. Selling it for 165k
  2. Moved this for you to the marketplace section. If you did intend to auction, make sure it meets all the guidelines, and I can move it back for you, or you can delete it and start over.
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  3. Ah, sorry, I was initially going to auction it but changed my mind. Forgot that I had it in auction. Thanks.
  4. price reduced! 10k less pliz buy
  5. If you have a diamond s then why don't u use it
  6. Is it 165k or 155k now?
  7. It is 165k, the price was originally 10k higher. I will always update the price on the OP.
  8. Temporarily closed. Will be available for sale again soon.

    Re-opened! Still 165k, which is an average price for a diamond support voucher.
  9. Not sure if changing the last post bumps it so just in case I am going to post this in addition.
  10. Bump again. Average price, and cheaper than certain megamalls sell them :p
  11. Afternoon bump.