[Selling] Diamond Supporter Voucher - for 6 Lucky Bows

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  1. Heya, as in the title. I have 1 Diamond Supporter Voucher, that I'd like to trade for 6 Lucky Bows.

    I'm not interested in any other trade. I only want 6 Lucky Bows.

    I will also sell it for 165k rupees if you don't have the bows.

    Cheers :p
  2. In pretty sure I have 6 bows. I'll do the deal. I'll be on later today after school
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  3. Darn, I dun have enough bows
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  4. Nzscruffy I'll do the trade, I'll pm you
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  5. dang.. i need more vouchers :)
  6. I'll take that trade...
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  7. Are you still doing this?
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  8. Umm no, I'm all out of vouchers now. I should close this thread.