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  1. So bought this without realizing I didn't really need it, so it's for sale. I don't know how much these normally go for, if anyone can help me figure it out lemme know. It's on smp2 and I'm on Pacific time, I'll have to be on to sell it to you.

    Please pay first, thank you C:

    Still trying to sell this guys! :D

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  2. How much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking? I might just "refund" you and you can give me the voucher :p (I'll pay a little bit extra)
  3. $20 xP Paid real money for it, I'm looking to get rupee's more than cash cause I don't have like a paypal or anything like that

    Also note my sister bought it, but she isn't on much right now so whatever I sell it for is going to her XD
  4. I sold mine for 400k. I'll give you 120k though :3
  5. While learning about promos, I discovered that those can go for around 600k. :confused:
  6. That is on the SUPER high end though. 400-500k is what they normally go for though.
  7. I would estimate them at around 550k, actually, though I guess I could be wrong. :p
  8. Really? Maybe I am totally wrong.
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  9. The prices have changed a lot recently, from 300k to 800k. Maybe somewhere in the middle?
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  10. Oh I guess I missed that D:
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  11. I sell mine from 250-400k thats the max
  12. I've seen quite a few go for 700k lately.
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  13. Aha you all are so confusing xP
  14. Isn't it pretty simple to calculate the precise price it should be? http://empireminecraft.com/upgrade/

    One diamond voucher costs $20. 214,500 rupees cost $20. Therefore, a diamond voucher should cost 214,500 rupees.

    What am I missing? Access to $20 and/or a means to pay it such as a credit card, maybe?
  15. They should cost more than 214k because it is an item that offers perks and can be bought with in game money instead of IRL money :)
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  16. Yeah I was gonna say even though the cost to translate the rupee's is that much, a lot of players don't have access to a credit card because this is a PG-13 server
  17. Definitely not. That is a common misconception. People pay more because they don't have to spend real money for it.
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  18. Huh, really?
    Well there's that then xD
  19. This kinda stinks I just wanna sell it lol
  20. Still trying to sell