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  1. Hey EMC! So recently i have upgraded to diamond...done my gifting and all that good stuff. Now i am willing to buy one person diamond supporter along with I have a diamond voucher. I am selling diamond supporter AND a diamond supporter voucher. Pm me with your BEST offer on which you would like (voucher or supporter). I an accepting rupees and rare items. :) person with best offer on that item gets it
  2. What's the catch?
  3. what do you mean? Im selling a diamond supporter voucher and one month of diamond supporter...just that :p
  4. Voucher has been sold! :) diamond supporter still up for grabs
  5. All items sold! Thanks :)
  6. Yes! I got diamond for 2r. so I should just send you the money now?
  7. Is this sarcasm? The internet makes it hard to know.
  8. Ummm no...i sold it to someone else :/ that has to be a joke
  9. How much did you make for it all? Im curious :p
  10. I didn't even get a chance to offer yet...
  11. well i traded...but in value enough :)
  12. :) Not from em :p
  13. LOL if I say "No, i was serious" does that mean I get it? :p
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