[Selling] Diamond Silk Touch + eff for 1699 rupees, and more...

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  1. Diamond pick, Silk Touch + Efficiency II for 1699 rupees.

    Diamond pick, Silk Touch + Unbreaking II for 2750 rupees. EDIT: now 3750, low stocks.

    Diamond axe, Unbreaking III + Efficiency III for 999 rupees.

    Diamond chest-plate, protection II for 699 rupees.

    Diamond chest-plate, protection III for 899 rupees.


    Ender pearls, 7 rupees.

    Exp bottles, 4 for 36 rupees. EDIT: No longer available

    Glowstone, 19 rupees. EDIT: Now 16 for 300r, that's 18.75 each.

    Cow/Sheep/Pig/Mooshroom 12 rupees. EDIT: Sheep on special offer at 5r each, for a short time


    All these and more, available now, on SMP9 at 19000.
  2. ?_?
  3. Bumperdybump!

    Can I maybe buy a stack o' glowstone for 1200r?
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  4. I was just making it known to others for you:)
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  5. Okay, now you are the fourth....
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  6. Yes!

    I sold 2 stacks of glowstone at 1200/stack to marknaaijer.

    Anyone else wants it in stacks, ask me - any time :)

    Thanks marknaaijer.
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  7. could i buy 80 exp bottles for 720 i think i did the math correct
  8. No Problem for you ;)
  9. I've now priced the glowstone at 300r for 16.

    That's 18.75 rupees each, so even cheaper, and hopefully a more convenient quantity for everyone.

    I have more than one large chest-full.

    Silk touch still available for 1699 rupees, while stocks last.

    SMP9, 19000
  10. I'll buy all of your silk touches. How many do you have?
  11. Can I buy the Protection III Diamond Chestplate and 1 stack of Enchanting bottles?

  12. "Lots". Click to buy, find out how many.

    I don't wanna sell all to one person, to give all people a fair suck of the sauce bottle; but they're there, now, and they're cheap.
  13. Yes, we did that deal, I think?
  14. Silk touch, 1699r.

    SMP 9

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  15. P.S. Did I mention silk touch for 1699 on SMP9 at 19000
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