[SELLING] Diamond pickaxe Enchantments of The Complete ore collection set!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by chrisdog943, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Selling:

    Silktouch I + Efficiency IV + Unbreaking III. 10 000Rupees!
    Fortune III + Unbreaking III + Efficiency IV. 6700Rupees

    I hope someone want it! :D

  2. I'll take them both... Though I question the 'auction' in this :p
    Nethertheless I saw it so I'm happy :)
  3. I really want the fortune III un III eff IV :(, i'll give 7k for it :D
  4. its not even worth that.
    The fortune III unb III Eff IV is only worth 5k.
    The silk touch I Efficiency IV unb III is only worth around 9k
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  5. Wow, you get em cheap
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  6. I auctioned a fotune III eff IV unb III for 5,325 before. So yea? sure?
  7. ... Okay
  8. It is worth that much accually, I auctioned a Fortune III Unbr. III for 8.2k
  9. You do realize that you can't sell things in Community Auctions right?
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  10. I don't know how this got on the Community Auctions!
  11. Okey you get it for 7k :)
  12. Well you went to Community Auctions and clicked Create a Thread.
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  13. Ops wrong reply :D You get it Frankie 7k
  14. Ohh Sorry my fail!
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  16. The fortune III is sold!
  17. What about me?
  18. I'll take the silk.
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