Selling Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency III and Unbraking III (Has not Been used)

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  1. Selling it for minimum of 4K

    Bidding ends Tomorrow at 2 Central Time!
    Goes up by 100 each time Good luck!
  2. Oh, i am on smp3 and pick it up there i will make a chest for you, but you must pay first to get it! Happy Bidding!
  3. I'll break the ice

    Just lost one to the LAVA along with a few other nice pieces. :(
  4. haha aight cool thx for breaking the ice lol
  5. actually nvm First come first serve basis jst come to my res and buy it for 4000 LOL
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  6. Thanks. How about I pay you and you just set it in the chest. I'm in the wild getting XP and won't be back to town till LATE tonight or tomorrow. I'll send the rupees.
  7. Payment made. Thanks. :D

    What's your lot #
  8. my lot is 6757
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