Selling diamond pickaxe eff IV silktouch I unbrk III.

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  1. Brnadop123 is sell a eff IV silktouch I unbrk III diamond pickaxe.
    it is never used.
    i am selling for 18.9k or best offer.
  2. DUDE! 18.9K u can get so much more
  3. like what?
  4. 25k maybe
  5. Is this an auction?
  6. meh its jsut 50xp doesnt matter that much.
  7. no im just selling it.
  8. Aha ok :)

    BTW 18.5k is a fair price, efficiency on silk isn't that great.
  9. Hmm but their is still unbreaking III
  10. Stranger danger :eek:
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