Selling Diamond Ore

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm selling Diamond Ores (49 pieces) at Smp3 #7099 for price of 150r/piece. The chest is set up at spawn point, so you wont even have to go search for it :D

    Happy shopping and thanks!
  2. 26 left guys!
  3. If they are still there when I get on, I will buy some.
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  4. 18 left + 1 in item frame (which wont be sold :D )
  5. Note down -10 :D Thanks!
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  6. Thanks Lasluin! Been digging them with my bare (well, not that bare lol) hands :D

    3 ores left<------ looking for owners! :D

    Edit: All sold! Thanks :)
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