Selling Diamond Horse Armor 6k Gold 4,5!

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  1. Selling 4Horse armor!
    2Diamond - 6k each!
    2Gold - 4,5k each!
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  2. It's located at 7474 SMP3
  3. 1Diamond horse armor and 2 gold left!
  4. Way overpriced. A horse armor is made of 7 of the material and a wool.
    Diamond armor: 7 diamonds and a wool
    Gold armor: 7 gold ingots and a wool
    If diamond is about 55r each and gold is 15r, then...
    55*7= 385r
    15*7= 105r
    Therefore, the gold armor should only be 105r apiece, and the diamond should be 385r.
  5. You can't even make horse armor :)

    In pre-snapshots it was like what you just said, but they changed it to horse armor being "rare" loot in dungeons, mineshaft and nether fortress'
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  6. Diamond armor sold out, only gold left :D
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