Selling Diamond Blocks 160 IN BULK

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  1. Hey guys. Every want to "bedazzle" your res? Now you can. Stop by 10222 and pick up 160 diamond blocks! Price is 67,000r (46.5r per diamond)! Great deal. Hurry by before your awesome chance is GONE! (Total is 2.5 stacks of diamond blocks or a total of 1440 diamonds)
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  2. Wow your about to get some MAJOR rupees biscuitboy, if someone buys the diamond blocks....
  3. How long did it take you to collect those?
  4. i'll buy them for 46r each. (the diamonds)
    I dont like odd numbers =]
  5. hold them for me, ill take the lot.
  6. poop i need more rupees
  7. Sorry guys, sold!