[SELLING] Diamond Block of Clickyness July 2015

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  1. I got this block for placing first in clicks on my banner, but I have no use for the block, or any of the ones I have gotten in the past, so I will be selling it to one lucky buyer :p

    I will be taking offers for 72 hours, and at the end I will choose the highest one.

    Good luck!

    For more information on the block, go to
  2. Here goes something: 13000r :) (probably not enough but thats all I got ;))
  3. ahh i dont have money this is all i got 1r
  4. I offer a Dancer promo horse spawn egg.
  5. ill offer my friendship
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  6. Not looking for promos. And not considering offers lower than 300,000.
  7. - You're restricting it to 72 hours
    - You're only accepting rupees
    - Highest offer wins
    - Item is auctionable
    - Minimum is 300,000
    - ??
    - Why is this not an auction
  8. Because with an auction, I could easily get cheated out of what its actually worth.
  9. You already said you're going to set the minimum at 300,000 and take the highest offer in 72 hours. What more needs to be said?
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  10. If I wanted to auction it, I would have.
  11. And the reason for why you didn't is what I'm looking for.
  12. Because I wanted offers, not bids.
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  13. You basically established that you want to sell it for a price over 300,000 within 72 hours.
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  14. Yep, which means I want an offer of 300,000 or more within 3 days. I can turn down an offer, I can't turn down a bid.
  15. Why turn it down if you already set the minimum?
  16. Because I could always change my mind on wanting to sell it or not :p
  17. He wants to reserve the right to troll.
  18. Pretty much. EMC needs more trolls, community of a bunch of robots and up-tighties now.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but a Diamond Block Of Clickyness is NOT auctionable.
    I've put a auction up (few months ago) from a Block Of Clickyness and that one got closed.
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