[Selling] derelict voucher

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  1. alright so i was going through my vaults to clean them up a bit and i came across a derelict voucher that i forgot i ever had....would have came in handy but now i have no need for it. so now it is up to all of you guys/gals if you would like it just send me a real offer (no joke offers please). again this is a perm derelict voucher and you can let me know in game/pm/ or in this thread and if you would like if you are interested ill add each person that is and you can talk to each other about it through there so i dont have to relay messages between each other in case there are multiple players that are in need.
  2. I would possibly be interested in buying one.
  3. or of course extra res vouchers too if you have any, though this isnt what the thread is about
  4. I would love to get one of those. :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  5. I would like to see what these go for. I have one too
  6. What do you want for it?
  7. highest offer is 150k so far but that is kinda low for what they are bought for
  8. Yeah...
  9. i guess ill just put out there a base price and if anyone would like they can take it but first come first serve, a fair price that is though lower than what you can purchase for. 500k if anyone would like to counter offer send me a pm or talk with me in game thanks. keep in mind this is just a price put out there it can be worked down if needed
  10. 500k? That's way expensive
  11. in order to buy one you would have to spend $50 which is about 615k. and as i said i am only throwing out a number it can be worked down
  12. Would you be interested in trading one of the residence vouchers for this? I am also willing to include some cash if necessary.
  13. i was hopeing to get some sort of cash for it mainly because i will just turn around and use the money to buy quartz and other promos from players for my display. i will give some more thought though seeing as noone is interested yet :)
  14. Are we gonna have a reverse auction? What's the minimum bid decrement? :D

    I could just give you some quartz for it!
  15. I would give quartz also
  16. You should just auction it off. I know that it costs $30 to buy, but the actual and value is not really worth it. If I haven't logged onto the site in 30 days, I'm not too concerned with losing my res.
  17. Are you still selling it?
  18. Sorry. Claimed it a week or two ago ;)
  19. ahww. :'(