selling Derelict Protection Voucher

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  1. selling 1 derelict voucher 1mil r or near offer reply or pm me
  2. 1 million rupees is quite overpriced
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  3. well i dont see any 1 else selling 1 at all for a while so y not start it over priced and work down
  4. Well I mean people have bought them for 200k
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  5. Well as I don't see a problem with price anywhere. It depends on the demand of who wants what. Emtec, selling harder to find items such as this isn't easy. One way you can determine the price is to check how much they cost with real $$$ on the website and then see how much that is with rupees + the OP Immortality benefit added to it.

    Either that or auction it off and see how it goes. I am looking for one of these myself but I am unsure of the cost that everyone else sees them at. 200k - 1m? Thats a bit of a stretch. There has to be a price somewhere there.

    If nobody else offers - Ill take a shot in the dark at 250k?
  6. being they cost 50$ and you can buy 600k ruppes for 50$ stright off the website 250k is way way way a low ball offer
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  7. I thought they cost 30$ ? Or was that the old price? (If so sorry about this comment)
  8. It's $50 now, I think $30 was the old one
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  9. They costed $10 so... Maybe 100k? :p
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