{SELLING} Defective starter pick

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  1. 2014-04-24_19.02.17.png
    Make offers!
    Looking for around 500r +
  2. Looks like its been repaired.. xD
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  3. Will 700r work?
  4. Yes I will setup a sell chest inside an access door just to the left of spawn on /v +a on smp3.
  5. ok, i will pay tommarrow when I get home from school!
  6. oh crap, i payed you. I didn't know you wanted a sell chest.
  7. Just a note to all, this pick was a Starter Pick that was put into an anvil and taken with no extra enchants/name on it, so that the name would go un-coloured. Anyone can do it, and the value is no different to the original Starter Pick unless you take into account the levels (not sure if any even go into it though). This can be done because the pick is not final unlike the new Starter Picks.
  8. the new picks are soulbound and final arent they?
  9. Yeah, it's on the Wiki. They are Unbreaking III as well.
  10. Well, then I don't want the pick. You can't just do that JZH!
  11. It does say defective starter pick...
  12. But he still should say that he changed it
  13. I did this with my Dragon Stone Fragments, it's not defective just renamed.
  14. This is just a Starter pick that has been placed in a anvil as FDNY has said. It is however one of the old starter picks so is no longer obtainable.

    Due to this I am starting a conversation with both of you about the sale.
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  15. Simon, I payed him back and he said he didn't want it anymore
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