[Selling] DCs of Sugar Cane

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  1. I have 3 double chests of sugar cane for 540r per double chest. Pickup is on SMP8 at 16240
    Also have 3 double chests of enderpearls, 400r per double chest. Pickup is on Utopia at 5367

    Please post here if you want to buy, ie. no PMs.
  2. Updated to 4 sugar cane double chests, and now also selling 3 enderpearl double chests
  3. I'll take one of those off your hands
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  4. One of which? the Sugar cane or the Ender pearls?
  5. Sugar cane, sorry I'm dumb
  6. Well you can never have to much of ender pearls can you? I can take one of them
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  7. added another sugarcane DC
  8. Updated stock
  9. Is it possible to order multiple DC's of cane? or is it just off of what you have stocked?
  10. Hmm. Well if you want more than I have I suppose I could reserve the next ones for you. How many do you want? and how long can you wait?
  11. I'd like 15 please :)
    Time dosnt matter as long as it gets done.
  12. 15.. that's a lot. It will take me a little while I will plant another field to speed it up, but what if I say put your name on each chest as I fill them up, you can pick them up as you please and if it's taking too long feel free to let me know and you can get them somewhere else and I'll go back to this post.
  13. I have all the time in teh world \o3o/
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  14. Updated stock, probably wont have any more after this.. I'm a little tired of sugar cane ;)
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  15. Still have 3 DCs of sugar cane and 3 DCs of ender pearls