[Selling] DCs of Bottles of Enchanting & Glow Stone

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  1. EXP Bottles
    Current Price: 85k per DC /// 2k per Stack

    Current Stock: 1 DC(s)
    Deathconn: 7 DCs (on hold)

    Glow Stone
    Current Price: 50k Per DC /// 1k per Stack

    Current Stock: 0 DC(s)


    79k Each of you order 5+ DCs
  2. Now also for sale (2k per stack) at 14006
  3. Current Stock 0, making more now, if anyone wants I can put you on the waitlist for when I have more.
  4. 1 DC of exp bottles plz
  5. ok I'll put you on the waitlist
  6. Hey my man Mman 1 sc of glow-stone please
  7. I actually only sell glowstone by the DC sorry
  8. Sorry typo i meant dc
  9. Updated, looking for people to buy dcs of exp I can have them within a day.
  10. Updated stock
  11. Dropped Price significantly!
  12. only selling by dc?
  13. Bump looking for large orders
  14. Bump I sell by the stack at 14006
  15. Bump buy my stuff
  16. Bumping this, Almost 1 dc done.
  17. Bump, buy my stuff.
  18. ^ what he said.