[SELLING] DCs of Blocks (Glowstone, Glass, etc.)

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  1. Currently Selling:
    1 DC of Smooth Red Sandstone
    1 DC of Cactus
    1 DC of Chiseled Red Sandstone
    1 DC of Cooked Fish
    1 DC of Prismarine

    PM me or find me in game to talk price.
  2. Lanterns sold!
  3. Added 20 DCs of Wheat!
  4. Added 1 DC of Snow
  5. Added 1 DC of Dark Oak Logs!
  6. Dark Prismarine and Prismarine Bricks gone!
  7. Cobblestone Sold!
  8. Glass, Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Red Sand, Sand and Snow sold!
  9. DC of Dead Bush sold!
  10. Glowstone and Dark Oak sold!