[SELLING] DCs and DCs of Horses

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  1. Hi, I'm selling literal DCs and DCs of horses.
    Last time I checked, I had about 15 DCs or so.

    This is all left over from my old horse shop - since, I've incorporated horses into my mall. Thus, reducing the quantity I need.

    I have at least 10 of each color/type of horse (most have even more than that) with speeds ranging from 90-120 (most are over 100 speed, and a lot are over 110 as well).

    I'm willing to sell 'round about 500r per DC, depending on your budget and the contents of the DC that you'll be receiving. I can always negotiate!

    Just let me know if you're interested and what you're looking for!
    I just need them out of my hair! Haha
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  2. I have 9+ DCS, if you buy them all it'll only be 500r a DC, all miscc extra that dont quite make a DC are FREE! Get it now!
  3. I will take 5 dc's... 500 each dc right?
  4. Yeah, come to smp7 please!
    You can pick it up on smp7 after you've paid :) I'll give you the location once I've received it.

    4+ DCs left!
  5. Aw I can only get on in about 2 hours :(
  6. Yeah, sorry about that XD it didn't occur to me that you weren't on the game.
    That shouldn't be a problem, I'll still be awake more than likely.
    So just come see me when you do get online :)

    4+ DCs left, 500r a DC!
    If you take the rest, you'll get the extra amount that doesn't equal a DC, FREE!
  7. 3+ left! 500 rupees a DC!
  8. * screams I NEED TO GET ON
  9. I have 1 left plus some free extra of like 85-100 speeds that I'll just throw away if no one wants.

    And Bexviv3, I've save your chests so no worries :) they'll be there for you.
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  10. OMG Tysm :D
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  11. Btw who made your awesome signature
  12. All gone (aside from Bexviv3's which are saved for her!)

    And I did :D
  13. Well omg it's amazing, coming on now :D
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  14. Can I get the FREE misc ones? And how much per horse because I might buy some higher speed ones separately.