[Selling] DC of U3 Books

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  1. Im selling the DC for 50k (little under 1k per book)

    PM to buy :)
  2. Throwing in 6 free silk touch books with this becuz i dont need them :p
  3. deal, please PM me
  4. I paid you.
    I set up two DC's for delivery, 8122 on smp4.
    DC's against far Left(South) mossy stone brick wall.
  5. Im playing The Walls atm, I will have them in the chest ASAP :)
  6. Delivered :)
    Ill bump this thread once i have another for those who missed out on this one :)
  7. Well played Stew...well played
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  8. What texture pack?
  9. wat i used muh own villager :p
  10. R3D Craft