[SELLING]DC of sand and Thanksgiving Promo smp5 11229

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  1. Hello! since we got a tons of sand, here we are selling them in bulk :)(sold out! thank you!)
    and I have some Promo selling in my res too if anyone interested!


    Cooked Turkey=2800r/turkey
    Feast for a king=35000/pc

    other items are in my shop are:
    -Nether bricks
    -Nether fence
    -Quartz blocks (I restock almost everyday!)

    please come and have a look ;)
    thank you for watching my shop thread!
  2. 61 Quartz Blocks restocked 14:23 EMC time!
    I'm restocking everyday but just people buy right away so if it says out of stock, please come back next day :)
  3. Thank you for those who bought Sand, Cooked Turkey, and Feast for a King!
    At this moment, the Feast for a King is out of stock but I have bit more so I'll restock it sometime soon if anyone is looking for it.

    thank you!
  4. Feast for a king restocked!

    also Quartz blocks, glowstones, redstone dusts are restocked as well!