[Selling] DC of red stone, iron, and Lapiz lazuli.

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  1. Hi, general here, today I'm selling 1 DC of red stone for 9k, and 1DC of Lapiz Lazuli for 16k. If you are interested in buying the ores, plz pm or comment. Thnx for your time :D.
  2. Ill take the iron :D
  3. I'll buy the iron.
  4. Hey i already said I would...first come first serve, sorry
  5. Ok, plz flaming pay and I set up the chest as soon I get online.
  6. Chest is all set up, go to my res 14725in smp7.
  7. ok :) could you put them in blocks for me?
  8. They are in blocks :D.Allways do the easy and better way. :D.
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  9. Could I buy the redstone?
  10. Ok, plz pay Olaf_C and Luckygreeenbird the rupees. After payment I will set up the chests in my res.
  11. Ok, mister Luckygreenbird your redstone chest is all set up in my res 14725 in smp7.
  12. sorry, i decided i do not need the lapis.
  13. Bump, the Lapiz still on sale :D.
  14. Bump, lapiz still being on sale
  15. I would like to purchase the Lapis.
  16. Ok, plz pay and go to my res 14725 in smp7 :D.
  17. payed be on later tonight to collect Thank you!