[SELLING] DC of quartz blocks

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  1. I'm selling a double chest of quartz blocks for 150,000r. I'm selling this double chest all together. Reply here or message me on the forums or in game if you're interested.
    First come first served.
  2. Bump. I have another double chest available.
  3. Do you still have it?
  4. Yes I do.
  5. Imma regret this....but I'll take it ..*cringes as I look at my rupee balance* lol
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  6. Bump. Another chest in stock.
  7. I'll take it.

    edit: paid and delivered, thanks!
  8. The quartz has been sold. I will bump this thread again when I have a new double chest ready to be sold.
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  9. Bump. Got another double chest available.
  10. ill take it :) tx

    > paid :0
  11. just now seeing this thread -_-