[ SELLING ] DC of Iron Ingots

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  1. Not selling anymore, if you want a DC of Iron Ingots contact xxvexenxx
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  2. 10k for one double chest?
  3. Yes, One Double Chest of Iron Ingots
  4. 2.89 rupees per ingot.
  5. When dose the auction end?
  6. Ill have one double chest for 10k
  7. Not an auction, Vexen is selling 10 DC's of Iron Ingots for 10k each
    Correct :D

    Ok, meet me on smp5 please
  8. Looking to buy and on SMP5. Meet me there?
  9. You could try reporting the OP requesting the change ;)
  10. Done and thanks :D
  11. No problemo and hopefully it get's fixed :D
  12. Bump! And thanks to the mod/admin who changed the title
  13. Almost Half gone! Buy quickly :D
  14. How do you make the writing colors