[Selling] DC of Iron Blocks

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    Hey everyone,

    Today, after a lot of AFK-ing, I have finally got a double chest of Iron Blocks! I'll be selling the whole DC for 100,000 rupees - which is less than 37 rupees per block.

    To buy, just post below - I also deliver. Prices can be negotiable.
  2. Oh, and a screenshot for proof.
  3. Legend, I've bought DC's around 90k
    I haven't seen anyone go for a DC worth this much.
    I personally would not buy this DC (even though it's about 3.8r per ingot)
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  4. Maybe starting by a lower price? such as 100k?
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  5. Haha, yeah.
    Yeah, I guess you're right. My first ever DC of Iron Blocks went for 125k - but that was a while ago. I guess the economy has changed since then.
    Yeah. Ok, the price is now reduced to 100k! Will you be willing to buy it for that amount?
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  6. Personally i buy iron under 2r per ingot so I would buy this DC for around 50k at about 1.6r per ingot
  7. I think we have discussed in Smp7 :p I think I will take it :p Coming back on in a sec
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  8. Alright. The DC of Iron Blocks is sold to MrWhosMagic here! The rest of this has been discussed in-game.
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