[Selling] DC of Iron Blocks, that's right a DC!!!@!@!@!@

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  1. You read the title correctly, i'm selling a dc of iron blocks. 3456 blocks or 31104 ingots!

    PM me your offers and I will be in contact with the person who offers the best price!


    *I am not obligated to accept anyones offer.
  2. Burmp
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  3. Anyone wan't to buy a DC of iron blocks?
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  4. .. or you could auction it?
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  5. Then I am obligated to pass it on even if it goes for a really low price. So NO, get back to me when auctions are allowed to have reserve, goodday.
  6. Why not start an auction at a price you would be happy to receive for this product?
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  7. He didn't say you had to let it go for a really low price. I have seen what 4 or 5 dcs of Iron Blocks in the last month start at 80k and go higher.

    why don't you at least state a price your looking to get so people can know what to not offer you.
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  8. You name a price that you would like first please
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  9. Gonna give a price?