[Selling] DC of Horse Eggs

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  1. I am currently selling a DC of horse eggs from speeds 116-119% with random jumps and HP. I am asking 7k for the DC. Although the price is negotiable. The buyer will pay me then pick up at my res at smp 3, /v 6731. I also hace a DC of 111-115% speeds with random jumps and HP i would be willing to sell also.
    Also come to my shop, i currently have 130% speed and down horse eggs for sale! And othe various horse related items! Thanks! Reply to this post or PM me if interested!
  2. Deal
    EDIT: Tr33_FR#G, is that a zero or an o?
  3. that is a zero

    EDIT: I am currently at my res and ready to make the transaction when you are.
  4. When do you plan on picking up the dc?
  5. Now selling a DC of 111-115% speed horses!. Asking 5k! Thanks!
  6. Not sure but is that a typo?
  7. yes it is! 111-115%***** i wish it wasnt a typo lol. thanks for catching it!! :D
  8. NP i might buy a chest in the near future
  9. good deal!! just let me know!! i still have it!
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  10. Still got the dc of 111-115% for 5k!! I also have a sc od 120-121% speeds priced at 9k, all my prices are negotiable although i feel they're fair. Come check out my shop also, i currently have 128 and down speeds for sale. Just let me know if you're interested in anything! :)