[Selling] DC of Gold Ingots

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  1. Title says it all...

    Selling the DC for 34560r


    As you can see they ARE crafted into blocks for easy pickup.

    Pickup will be at 3339 smp2 :)

    PM me to buy :)
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh wait, he's serious?

    :p buddy, all yo prices are so high yo I would buy it if I had 50k to spare....
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  3. The average price per gold ingot nowdayz are 15r....
  4. omg I had a DC of gold ingots today but I used them all on enchanted apples for the Mob arena.. >:U
  5. Good is 12r at most at shops on smp4
  6. Guess I shouldn't have asked smp9 then.... :p


    10r per ingot:
    34560r for the DC :)
  7. When does the auction end ?
  8. Not an auction, please refer to the OP. :)
  9. My offer is a SC of glowstone for the gold :cool:
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