[SELLING] DC of CaveSpider and Endermen Heads!

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  1. Uh yea...

    Price: I am asking 20,000r for the 54 cave spider heads (370r per head)

    Selling 54 endermen heads for 20k (370r a head) <---- Lots of these in stock haha

    PM to buy.
  2. Still selling.
  3. Good deal here. :)
  4. do you have any to sell singly (that is mis-spelled :/) i would like some i just dont need the whole dc just yet...
  5. Let me know how many you need of which head and I might be able to work something out...
  6. Bump, these sell in most shops for alot more :)
  7. Can I get two of each head? And how much? Thank you :)
  8. Time for a bump, I have alot more of the endermen heads in stock seeing as I will only have the 54 cave spider heads and no more for a while. If you want to buy alot of enderman heads make sure to PM me because my prices here are lower than anywhere else you will get them... :p
  9. Can I get 1 of each?
  10. Only selling by the DC :)
  11. Oh I was confused lol.