Selling D Picks Silk touch, Eff.3 and Unbr.3

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  1. Selling diamond pickaxe silk touch with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 3 (i have 1 left of these pickaxes btw) post your offers below! BUY NOW PRICE 2000R WILL GO A BIT LOWER!:) unnamed.jpg
  2. hmmm... im a little low on dough, but maybe later?
  3. Don't post if your not buying.
  4. truffle thats fine (as long as its not too long though)
  5. naww, like a week or two. i don't know what someone would want for this
  6. I bought them.
  7. her i have one more never used
  8. Thanks, but 2 was enough for me; someone else might want the other...


    Best of luck. Thanks again.
  9. haha Thanks buddy. :)
  10. hmm...