[Selling] Custom Fireworks

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  1. Minecraft Fireworks are very unique and special. There are 19 quadragintillion unique fireworks that can be crafted.
    Your options:
    All I ask for is a description of how you want it to look. You can be as specific or vague as you want. After you send the rupees, I will send them in the mail.

    With so many choices, it can be hard to know what you can get. To help out, I made this simple order guide:

    Start here:
    • You need to choose your bases. You can have multiple bases of different types.
      • Color(s): Choose any of the dye colors available in Minecraft
      • Shape: Choose between star, small ball, creeper head, big ball, and burst.
      • Optional:
        • Effects: Choose Twinkle and/or tail
        • Fading: What color should it fade to
    • Height: Either short, medium, or far
    • Rocket name: If you want, I can name the rocket too.
    1 firework: 300r (isn't that a super simple pricing scheme)
    For every 5 fireworks you order, I will add in one free random one.

    What are fireworks good for:
    There are many uses for fireworks!
    • Setting up firework displays
    • Decorating events
    • Gifting them to your friends
    • Distress flares
    • Lagging your friends to death
    • Making pretty colors
    • Hoarding all 19 quadragintillion of them
    • Bragging to your friends
    • Parties
    • And anything else you can imagine
    One firework might get boring after a while and will look a little boring. To alleviate this, buy a bunch of them and enjoy the free ones for every 5 you buy.
  2. These fireworks aren't going to buy themselves. Help spread joy through lots of particle effects.
  3. Fireworks are cool and I am working on a shop on smp2 although it isn't done yet. Check it out if you get the chance.